New Vendor Info

Interested in a stall at the Hilo Farmers Market? Here is all the information you need: Manager's Office at the Hilo Farmers Market Annex

Produce/Food/Flower Stalls
$22 Wednesdays
$31 Saturdays

Stall Sizes:approx. 5' x 5' and 5' x 10'
Bring your own tables, 4.5' long or less.
Current Hawai'i General Excise Tax License Required.
Vendors wanting a Produce/Food/Flower stall on Wednesday or Saturday need to call the day before; Tuesday or Friday between 12pm to 5 pm to confirm stall reservations. Call 808-933-1000

Whenever there are cooked or processed foods/drinks that are to be sold at the market, a license from the Dept. of Health is required. Call 808-933-0917, Curtis Takai, Health Inspector.

We accept Food Stamps and all Produce Vendors are required to participate. Rules to be provided upon entry to market.

Arts/Crafts/Retail & Outdoor Food Carts
$18 to $26 on Wednesdays
$25 to $36 on Saturdays

Stall Sizes: approx. 8' x 8' and 10' x 10' Bring your own tables.
Limited availability of stalls with electricity at $5 per day.
Current Hawai'i General Excise Tax License Required.
Arts/Crafts/Retail & Outdoor Food Cart vendors wanting a stall for Wednesday and/or Saturday, need to sign-in at the Manager's Office located at the Hilo Farmers Market Annex between 6:45AM and 7:00AM.(see map above) No phone-in stall reservations required and/or taken.

Discounts Are Given For Monthly Rates. Inquire with the Market Manager.
A FREE webpage within the Hilo Farmers Market Website is also provided!

Second Hand Sunday
$10-$15 on Sundays
Second Hand Sunday vendors wanting a stall need to check in between 9:00AM to 9:30AM with Feliza, Asst.Mrkt.Mgr., who is located in the middle of the Produce/Flower/Food Stall area.

Free Web Page Form
A Free web page is for vendor's who have a monthly license.

Hawai'i Tax Office Map
Call 974-6321 for information on obtaining one.

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