"Aloha Memories"
11" x 14" matted

"Anrthirium Arrangement"
11" x 14" matted

"Anrthirium Bouquet"11" x 14" matted
"Apapane & I'iwi"
11" x 14" matted

"Bird of Paradise"
11" x 14" matted

"Coconut Girl"11" x 14" matted
"Floral Beach Path"
11" x 14" matted

"Golf a Volcano"
11" x 14" matted

"Golf Hawaii"
11" x 14" matted

"Hawaiian Mermaid"
11" x 14" matted

"Honu #4"
11" x 14" matted

"King Proteas #4"
11" x 14" matted

"Lanikai Mermaid"
11" x 14" matted

"Lovely Pair of Pineapples"
11" x 14" matted

"Martini Girl"
11" x 14" matted

"Maui Mermaid"
11" x 14" matted

"Only on the Big Island"
11" x 14" matted

"Plumeria #98"
11" x 14" matted

"Plumeria Girl"
11" x 14" matted

"Ski Mauna Kea"
11" x 14" matted

"Tiki Bar is Open"
11" x 14" matted

"Vintage Mermaid"
11" x 14" matted

"Waikiki Girl"
11" x 14" matted

"Yellow Hibiscus #3"
11" x 14" matted

(Closed for Renovations)Happy Garden Asia Restaurant
Chinese, Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine

(Temporarily Out of Stock) Hilo Farmers Market Logo Visor
100% Pure Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
100% Pure Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
5lbs. - Price Includes Shipping

12 Pack (6.5oz Jars) - Les' Menehune Kitchen Gourmet Jams & Butters
Includes Shipping

6 Pack (6.5oz Jars) - Les' Menehune Kitchen Gourmet Jams & Butters
Includes Shipping

8 Pack (6.5oz Jars) - Les' Menehune Kitchen Gourmet Jams & Butters
Includes Shipping

Akua Creative
Aloha Kreations Hawaii
Aloha Kwan Gift Shop
Aloydee's Thai Food
Anela's Jade
Ann Kwock
Art & Photography
Art Scents - The Warmth of Art
Asian Delight
Ati's Handcrafts
Atta's Sarongs and Shirts
Aunt Phyllis' Macadamia Nut Butter
Aunty Pon's Cafe
Local • Thai • Japanese food

Aurora Arau
Azura Khan - Tarot Card Consultations
and Spiritual Guidance

Bamboo Handle Shave Brushes
Bath Body & Spirit
Ben Seguban
Big Island Bake Shop
Big Island Double Edge
Pahoa (dagger) with Shark Teeth

Big Island Gifts & Crafts
Artisan Soaps, Lip Balms, Body Balms and Butter Scrubs

Big Island Palani Bakery
Big Island Peppers
Big Island Peppers
Big Island Sewing
Bling Bling by Elvie Brouillette
Brenda Care
Buddhas Cup Coffee
Catalina Ramos
Charity Veganfest
Chi Ha's Farm
Clothing and Accesories
Coffee & Specialty Drinks
Coqui Island Blends
Creamy Coconut Cutie Handmade Soap
Creative Visions
Cruise Ship Schedule
Deep South Turning
Designs by Chelcee
Devine Hawaaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc.
Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts
Dragon Kitchen
Eide’s Artwork
Erlinda Buentipo
Espy Daquiog
ET - Phone Us
Eugene Manzano
Farmers Buy/Sell/Lease Land Post
Featured Vendor
Featured Vendor
Feliza's Produce
Fely Orchids
Filthy Farmgirl Natural Soap
Filthy Surfer Handmade Soap
Food Vendors
Forrest Shirley
Free Shuttle from Cruise Ships
Fresh Flowers, Orchids and Plants
Front Yard Food
Gary Palm Watercolors
Gary Palm Watercolors
Gary Palm
Tropical Florals

Gauranga Live
Ghost Vinegar 5 fl. oz.
Habanero Vinegar 5 fl. oz.
Hana San Enterprise
Hawaii Balsamics
Hawaii Links
Hawaiian Accessories
Hawaiian Koa Knuckle Duster with Shark Teeth
Ku'eku'e Lima Lei-o-mano

Hawaiian Koa Wood Dagger
Kauai Pahoa (Dagger)

Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
10 lbs. - Price Includes Shipping

Hawaiian Vinegar 5 fl. oz.
Hawaiian War Club with Shark Teeth
Niho Lei-o-Mano

Hawaiian War Club with Shark Teeth
Niho Lei-o-Mano

Hawaiian War Club with Shark Teeth
Pahoa Niho Lei-o-Mano

Hawaiian War Club with Sharks Teeth
Pahoa Niho Lei-o-Mano

Hikaione Sipinga
Hilo Events
Hilo Farmers Market Canvas Tote Bag
Hilo Farmers Market Logo Buttons
(Set of Five)

Hilo Farmers Market Logo Hats
Hilo Farmers Market Logo Shirts & Hats
Hilo Farmers Market Logo T-shirt
Hilo Farmers Market Logo, T-Shirt, xx-large and xxx-large
Hilo Farmers Market Logo, Women's V-Neck T-shirt.
Hilo Farmers Market Logo, Women’s Spaghetti Strap T-Shirt
Hilo Farmers Market Mini Documentaries
Hilo Farmers Market T-Shirt - Original
Hilo Farmers Market
Designer Taro Print Canvas Tote Bag

Hilo Sharks Coffee
Ho`omana Oils
Ho`omana Oils - Large Beginners Kit
Ho`omana Oils Beginners kit
Ho`omana Oils Large Professional Care Kit
Honomu Jams
Hopper's Art & Art Uprising
i heart hilo
I Heart Hilo
Fabric Accessories

I Lava You
I Live You
In The News
Island Flavor Espresso
Isle Of Senses
J.B. Publishing Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Cloves & Bay Leaf Man
James Nolan
Jeremy's Oils
Johnson Family Farm
Ka `aila niu Green Gift Basket
Ka `aila niu Hand Crafted Soaps
Ka `aila niu Orange Gift Basket
Ka `aila niu Purple Gift Basket
Ka `aila niu
Coconut Based Skin Products

Ka'u Coffee - 1 lb.
Ka'u Coffee - 7 oz.
Kalapana - Fresh Hawaiian Honey
Kanani Ranne
Ken Iwata - Hand Painted Shirts
Ken's Custom Wood Work
Kikue Creations
King Laulau Poi
Kupka’s Glass
Large Premium Coconut Milk Soap
Lava Bean
Lava Rocks Puna Goat Cheese
Le Magic Pan
Les' Menehune Kitchen Gourmet Jams & Butters
Les' Menehune Kitchen
Gourmet Jams, Butters & Cookies

Lewis o’ Hara - Body Balancing
Lily's Crafts
Liquid Coconut Milk Soap
Little Garden in the Rain Forest
Live Music Performances at the Hilo Farmers Market
Lolita Tuifua
Lorna's Creation
Luz Durkan
Luz Fernandez
Lydia Jose Produce
Lydia Namba
Manny's Brew - 8oz
Manny's Brew 16 oz.
Medium Roast - Whole Bean

Manny's Brew
Coffee grown in Hilo Hawaii

Manuel S. Mattos
Manuel S. Mattos
Hawaiian War Clubs and Weapons

Market Recommended Services
Market Specials
Market Tips
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Merlina Yadao
Merry Monarch
Mia Shop
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Mister D’s Grill Wagon (BBQ on a stick)
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Norma Guillermo
Onefre and Dianita Cabalce
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Online Store
Orchidland Tropicals
Original Block Prints by Mallory Vincent
Palm Girl 2016 Calendar by Garry Palm
Palm Girls
Gary Palm Watercolors

Pamela's Island Fruit
Pele's Glass Creations
Pila Woodwork
Pineapple Papaya Ghost Pepper Jam 8 fl. oz.
Pineapple Papaya Hawaiian Pepper Jam 8 fl. oz.
Pomai Kulolo
Puna Dark Coffee - 7 oz.
Puna Dark Roast Coffee - 1 lb.
Puna Greens
Rainbow Journey
Randy Lee
RC Casil
Reggie & Letty Dalmacio Produce
Remy's Plate Lunch
Rodrigo Balicoco
Roy's Thai Food
Royal Mana Oil
Salti Gear Lemonade
Sambo Berries
Sarongs Hawaii
Sativa Hemp Wear
Scorpion Vinegar 5 fl. oz.
Sea Sister's Trading Company
Seashore Collections
Second Hand Sundays
Shade Dried Hawaiian Grown Cloves
Shifting Sands Seascapes
Shing Kai Trading Co.
Silvano & Imelda Namnama
Siony Ragocos
Small Scale Magic
Small Scale Magic
SNAP EBT Benefits - How To Use
Specialty Food
Sri's Handcraft
Stebbins Glassworks
Sticky Rainbows
Thai Smile Thai Food
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